Hello! Welcome to my homepage! I am Yu Wang, currently a senior research fellow at Tsinghua University. My research interests include machine learning theories (and their application on computer vision tasks), feature generalization theories, generative modeling, statistical machine learning, self-supervised learning, Bayesian inference, and sparse coding approaches.

Before, I was a senior research scientist at working with Prof. Tao Mei. Before joining JD, I was a postdoc research associate at The Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS) of University of Cambridge, UK, co-supervised by Prof. John Aston and Prof. Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb in 2016-2018. Before my postdoc training, I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department at the University of Cambridge UK in 2016. My PhD study was co-supervised by Dr. Ian Wassell and Dr. David Wipf (David is my internship mentor at Microsoft Research Asia).


( * indicate joint first authors with equal contributions )


1st Place at CVPR 2021 Open World Vision Grand Challenge

University of Cambridge Overseas Trust PhD Scholarship

University of Cambridge Girton College Travel Award

“Star of Tomorrow Internship Excellence Award”, Microsoft Research Asia